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Environmental protection - An economy in harmony with nature

The fact that the earth is polluted and destroyed out of greed for profit must stop.
Current behavior is making it uninhabitable, but we only have this earth.
We saw off the branch we are sitting on.

The pollution of the earth by garbage
Supermarket: All packaging materials should be decomposable / compostable or biodegradable (in a short time such as 20 years or so).

The pollution by power plants
Uranium nuclear power plants have to be closed at once! Radioactive waste is the worst waste at all.
Caloric power plants are poison hoppers.

Alternatives are necessary, especially local energy self-sufficiency so that these large power plants are no longer necessary.

Pollution by internal combustion engines
When switching from expulsion to implosion, there are no more dirty exhaust gases. Simply possible by changing the cycle sequence. Lobbies have prevented that so far.

No more poisons in agriculture
Only organic farming should be allowed.

If you have any other suggestions that fit here, please become an online politician.

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Debts are the money of the slaves. Social is what frees us from work and debts! Greed and possession are not the goal of life

"If the smart are not willing to engage in politics they are punished by being ruled by someone worse"
"The price of apathy is to be ruled by evil men" (Platon 427-347-C)
"Humanity is going to need a substantially new way of thinking if it is to survive" (Albert Einstein)